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I grew up on a Cattle Ranch and hunting and fishing are not hobbies, they are my life. I moved to Alaska so I could hunt Brown Bears, Grizzlies, Sheep and Goats without having to be guided and without waiting to draw a permit. I worked with another Outfitter for many years and now hunt many of the same units and areas since he is not guiding now. The reason I do not guide more people is because I love to hunt too much for myself and spend part of my Fall and Winter bowhunting in the lower 48 states and Canada every season. Please take a look at my personal photos page, I’m very proud of them and feel they show my love of hunting. All the animals there, with the exception of the free range cape buffalo and the African animals were all unguided hunts and primarily on public land with archery equipment.

As we go into our 18th season we welcome you to Alaska for your next outdoor adventure. The 2013 season was an excellent one and we look forward to seeing you in the future.

Frank & Rosey Sanders

Registered Guide #1236

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