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Trophy Halibut


Alaska Trophy Outfitters specializes in Halibut fishing in the Cook Inlet, one of the most productive halibut fisheries in the world. Our new ’06 saltwater fishing charter boat is a 33′ cabin cruiser with heated, enclosed cabins and a private head. A wide beam gives this boat a very stable fishing platform with a deep V hull for a comfortable ride. Powered with twin outboard Honda 225’s, our boat is equipped with state of the art electronics for fish location, navigation and communication. GPS chart plotters make it easy to stay on the fish and navigate in poor visibility. VHF radios are equipped with scramblers to keep our fleet one step ahead of the competition. The boat is one of the fastest in the fleet, putting you at the best fishing grounds within an hour of the launch. Six people can fish very comfortably aboard our boat and we will take no more than six at a time. You will have a coast guard licensed captain with years of local fishing experience as your guide. He enjoys his work and has the drive and expertise to put you on quality fish. The Cook Inlet has the second largest tide in the world so we schedule or fishing around the tide, making some trips longer than others. This is the reason trips start at different times daily.

No matter whom you fish with always inquire about the tide! Halibut average between 20-40 pounds with many over the 100# mark being caught weekly and a handful over 200-250# each season. The limit on halibut is 2 per person and we limit out about 90% of the time. The times when we don’t limit typically are when a person is holding out for a “Barn Door” for their second fish. The nice thing about being allowed 2 fish is that you have the opportunity to keep one for the freezer and then try for a Trophy. There is no better eating than halibut. Your fish are bled out immediately and held in a saltwater tank until your return to shore. When you return your fish are hung up for photos and filleted right in front of you. At this time you are welcome to take them with you or we can deliver them to a processor who will vacuum pack your fish and then have it ready for you to pick up or ship to a destination for you at a specified date. A general fishing license is all that is needed for halibut charters. Typical charters are 6-8 hours, sometimes longer depending on the tide size.