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Brown Bear Hunts


kodiakOur Brown Bear hunts take place in Game Management Units 8 (Kodiak Island), 9 (The Alaska Peninsula) and Unit 16. I have been hunting these areas for the past 15 seasons and have had excellent success. As of the Spring of 2012 we have been 100% on our rifle hunts and 90% on our bow hunts.  All brown bear hunts are 10 days. Hunters can take one Brown Bear and have the option of taking a black bear for a $500.- Trophy Fee.  If the hunter chooses to buy a Black Bear tag and try for one he must take into consideration that a black bear should only be taken after his brown bear.  If the hunter takes a black bear prior to his brown bear and an additional flight is required to remove the meat from the field to avoid spoilage, the hunter will be required to pay the cost of this flight (Typically around $1000.-)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUnit 8, Kodiak Island, is an area I acquired a few years ago, though I have hunted there since 1998 and have taken some great bears.  We have had 100% success with our guided hunts. Unlike Units 9 & 16, Unit 8 is on a drawing only basis. Applications are due in December of the prior year for Spring Hunts and Fall Hunt applications are due in May. If you are interested in applying please contact me as I must enter a Guide/Client contract to the state prior to you applying. This is a great hunt but is not a gimme as many people think Kodiak is. The area is steep ridges all the way down to ocean beaches. You may also take Sitka Blacktails on Fall hunts for a trophy fee of $ 500. each. This is a video of one of our hunters taking an all time Boone and Crockett Brown Bear in Spring of ’09

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUnit 9 is open every year, but alternates seasons.  It is open the spring of even numbered years and the fall of odd.  This unit consists of the whole Alaska Peninsula from Lake Illiamna down to Cold Bay. We hunt the Northern part of the unit in mountain passes, on salmon streams and saltwater beaches, depending on the time of year. During the Spring, Unit 9 is open from May 10th-25th and we typically hunt beaches where bears come to mate and passes where bears travel. In the Fall we hunt all of the mentioned areas and specifically target the salmon streams. The fall season for Unit 9 is September 20th to October 20th in the mountainous areas and is open October 1st-20th on the Coastal side. During a typical 10 day Fall hunt you can expect to see 8-10 bears with 2-3 being in the 9 foot plus category, the spring is similar with maybe a few more bears being seen with the addition of more sows and cubs.

     We adhere to a strict wounding policy and the Alaska Board of Game has made it a law in many of our units that if a bear is wounded it counts as the hunters kill.  Know your limits and your weapon and communicate that with us.  We will do our best to make sure every hunt is a successful one.  Thanks you for your interest in our Brown Bear hunts.

     In 2011 we took a total of 7 Brown Bear hunters, 6 rifle and 1 archery hunter, and we were 100%.  Our rifle average was 9’5 and our bowhunter, Don Ingram, who had seen a total of 2 bears on 2 previous hunts with another outfitter, harvested a beatiful 8+ with his bow, the 11th bear he had seen!  My guides did a tremendous job and we look forward to hunting with you in the future.