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Coastal Black Bear Hunts


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe hunt different areas and use different methods depending on the hunt desired. The two methods are boat hunts which are spot and stalk only or fly out hunts where we spot and stalk as well as bait. In the early spring we hunt the coastal areas from a 33 foot offshore boat and glass for bears and then take a skiff in for a stalk. These hunts are typically done in late April, May and the first part of June. You will be staying at the outfitters home or in a cabin during this hunt. You can do just the hunt or do a hunting/fishing combo. We fish for halibut and salmon at this time of year and it adds a little variety to the hunting trip. You are allowed one Coastal Black Bear on this 6 day hunt.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn our fly out hunts we are typically hunting the West side of Cook Inlet in Game Management Unit 16. This area has a very liberal bag limit and the season is open year round. We had 12 hunters during the 2007 Spring hunt and took 19 bears. Hunters are allowed to harvest 2 Coastal Black Bears on this hunt. We utilize spot and stalk as well as bait stations in this area. This Hunt takes place in Late April, May and the first part of June and is based out of tent camps. A hunter may take a 3rd bear if so desired on this 6 day hunt for a trophy fee of $ 750.- The price of this hunt includes your charter flight (2 hunter min.) from Kenai, Alaska. Hunters are responsible for getting to Kenai and their lodging at the beginning and end of their hunt. There is a 75# weight limit per hunter on the bush plane.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur black bears are typically 5 ½ to 6 ½ foot squared and we do take bears up to 7 foot, but they are the exception. We typically see between 15-20 bears in a week, of which half of them are in a spot we can get to. If you are hunting a bait station you may not see as many bears as the stations are typically situated in heavy cover but the bears you see are within 20-40 yards, making them ideal for bow hunters and muzzleloader hunters. The average shot is 100-200 yards on spot and stalk hunts and caliber is not as important as good bullets and shot placement. I would rather you shoot a .270 well then flinch from the recoil of a .300 Magnum!

Included in this price is all skinning and trophy preparation as well as meat care. You are welcome to take the frozen hide and skull back with you or we can flesh and salt your cape and ship it to you or your taxidermist. We offer full taxidermy services as well as complete skull cleaning and bleaching at an additional cost. If you are on a combo trip we also fillet and vacuum pack all your fish for you. The hunter is responsible for all shipping costs of trophies and fish.