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Goat Hunts

Lyon's GoatWe conduct our primary goat hunts here on the Kenai Peninsula in Game Management Units 15 & 7.  These hunts are on a drawing system and must be applied for in December of the year prior.  There is also a limited number of Registration tags available each year.  The registration system is managed by the state and typically an area will be open until a certain quota of goats is taken.  There are areas that are open to Registration only and these seasons typically open in mid September and are harder areas to access for the average person so we typically fly out or take a boat to the hunting area and then backpack from there.  Many times when a harvest objective is not met during the draw hunts an area will be opened up for registration on November 1st and remains open until the quota is met.  The November hunt produces some great long haired goats.  Contact us for updated information on Registration hunts.


Aussie Goat 2013 054We have been 100% on our our hunts, the season is open August 20th through October 15th and allows ample time for a person to hunt. Typically we will fly out or take a boat and then backpack to the areas that hold goats.  We also have a Goat/Black Bear Combo Hunt available.  On this hunt we will land on a high Alpine Lake where the goats are typically within 1,000 yards of camp, allowing for a much easier goat hunt as well as nicer tent accomodations and more luxurious menu.  The only plane that can get us out of this lake is a Turbine Otter and that is why the cost is $1500 for the air charter. Contact us if you’re interested in applying for a goat hunt, we typically run about 40% success in drawing a permit.