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Moose Hunts


Brochure Pics 013We do a very limited number of moose hunts.  We have been doing 2 moose hunts every other year and have had 100% success with a 61 inch average.  We have been doing these hunts on odd years, as we use the same camps for brown bears.  With the moose numbers coming back in our area, due to the extreme predator management programs, we are now starting to do 2 hunts a year.  We are seeing enough mature bulls now that the area will not be affected.

Hindlicker's moose3.jpg.tiffThe moose camps consist of wall tents with heaters and are 1 hunter-1 guide. We primarily spot and stalk the bulls and we spend a lot of time glassing.  The season is open from September 5th-15th.  Around the 10th the bulls really start to move due to the rut.  While on a moose hunt you may shoot wolves at no cost and the hunter can take a black bear for a 500.- trophy fee.

 Shit ton 001

Please look at our photo gallery for more pictures of the bulls we have taken.