I grew up on a cattle ranch and hunting is not a hobby, it is my life. I first came to Alaska in 1991 to hunt & guide bear hunts, then moved here permanently 21 years ago. I worked for another outfitter for many years and then took over his operation, many of the camps we hunt today are the same ones I started in in 1997.

The reason I don’t guide more hunts than I do is that I love to hunt too much myself. I made a promise I wouldn’t do like most outfitters I know, who don’t have any time to hunt for themselves. I spend part of my Fall & Winter hunting in the lower 48, Canada and whatever countries my ventures take me to. Please look at my personal photos page, I am very proud of the trophies there and feel they show my true passion for hunting. The majority of the animals there, with the exception of the free range Cape Buffalo & African animals were taken with archery equipment and primarily on unguided hunts .


Thank you,
Frank Sanders
Registered Guide #1236