2022 BLACK BEAR HUNTS – $7,000

Charter fee varies.


We hunt a few different areas and use 3 different hunting methods depending on the hunt desired. One method is a fly out hunt, where we hunt from a base camp. We utilize both baiting and spot-and-stalk methods. The second is hunting from a boat, we stay aboard the boat and glass the shorelines. The third method is baited hunts, these hunts are typically done out of the outfitter’s home on the Kenai Peninsula.

On our fly out hunts we hunt the West side of Cook Inlet. These hunts are based out of tent camps and are 6 full hunting days. On these hunts we fly over and pre-bait a couple of areas so that there is typically action from the start. We use tree stands over baits, as well as baiting some open areas where we can watch and harvest bears with a rifle. Hunters are allowed 2 bears on this hunt. A unique thing about this hunt is that hunters can harvest a brown bear if they see one, there is an additional $1,500 trophy fee if a brown bear is harvested/wounded. These hunts are done in May & June.

The boat hunts take place in Unit 15, the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula. We have 2 different boats that we lease for these hunts One is used for 2 hunters and 1 guide & the other is a 60 footer that takes 4 hunters and 2 guides. We leave Homer, AK and power around to the hunt area, where we spend our time glassing bears on the shorelines. When a good bear is spotted we take a skiff into shore and stalk in. We have also set up baits when we get to the hunt area and typically have bears on them within 2 days. Hunters are allowed one bear on this hunt.

The baited hunt that is based out of Soldotna is out of the outfitters home. On this hunt there will be a halibut charter and a salmon charter included in the price. Hunters are allowed one bear on this hunt.