2024 GOAT HUNTS – $12,500

(Air/Boat charter- $1200/pp)


Goat hunts take place in Game Management Units 7 & 15, the Kenai Peninsula and in Unit 8, Kodiak Island. Hunts are 6 full days of hunting with a travel day on each end. Goats are not for the faint of heart, but as of 2018 we have had a 95% success rate. All goat hunts are one on one hunts. All three of the units that we hunt goats in are on a drawing basis, with the application period being November 15th-December 15th of the year prior, with results being posted in late February. We average about 50% in the draws. Our average goat the last 10 years has been 9 1/4 with 5 1/2 inch bases.

Goat season opens August 10th and goes until October 15th in Units 7 & 15.  Kodiak ends October 25th. Though this is a long season, the majority of our hunts are done August 10th through September 10th. The weather seems to cooperate more and with all of these units we hunt being coastal, the goats have good hair, even at the beginning of the season. Kodiak is the exception to this, we hunt there until the end of season.

With our backpack hunts the hunter and guide will be dropped off via airplane or boat and will hike to the upper alpine slopes. This hunt requires top physical shape and the best equipment. Once there, a plan is put in place to get the hunter as close as possible to a trophy Billy. Once a goat is harvested, your guide will call for pick up via satellite phone.

Our Kodiak Goat hunts are backpack hunts.The unique thing about this hunt is that the hunter can also harvest a Sitka Blacktail for a $1000 trophy fee if time and conditions allow. These hunts are 6 full days and one guide per hunter. Hunters fly into Kodiak where you will be met by your guide  and all tags, paperwork, last minute shopping, etc will be taken care of before heading out into the field. It is typically 4-6 hours of hiking before you break out of the alders and into the alpine country where you will find the goats, with deer being in all areas. This is a hunt that Drew and Frank have personally done. After having 100% success we registered the area and are now offering the hunts.