Shells- 2 Boxes

Boots w/ extra insoles

Pack- I use a Kuiu Icon 7200, whatever fits you well

Lightweight Sleeping bag & pad


Rain Gear- From all the gear I’ve used I’ve found Kuiu to be the best

3 pairs each socks & underwear

Lightweight Long John Top & Bottom

Gloves- 1 pair lightweight and 1 pair medium weight

Lightweight Shirt x 2- I use the Kuiu Merino 145 SS Crew-T

Medium Weight Long Sleeve Shirt or Kuiu Peloton Zip

Insulating Jacket & Pant- Recommend Kuiu Super Down or comparable

Inulating Vest

Lightweight Pants- I take 1 pair and dry them in my sleeping bag while I sleep

Balaclava or something similar

Stocking cap & baseball cap


Headlamp & extra Batteries

Knife- Havalon are good

2 Quart water bottles- Nalgene are good


Walking Stick/Sticks- Leki are good

Blister Kit & Band-Aids  Spenco are good