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2017 Prices
Halibut $275
Kenai River King Salmon 8 Hours  $375
Kenai River Silver Salmon $225
Kasilof River King Salmon Trip (5 1/2 Hours) $225
Ling/Halibut Combo Trip 10 Hours $385
Fly Out Fishing for Salmon $400 – $450

*All prices are per person and include all tackle and fish filleting

**There is a 6% Tax on all fishing Charters and it is not included in the price.

Coastal Black Bear 6 Day Hunts 2 Bears 850 pp Air Charter fee & 2 person Minimum**Hunters can buy a brown bear tag and if they take a brown bear it is 1500 Trophy Fee $5500
Coastal Black Bear /Fishing Combo 6 Days 2 Person Minimum $5000
Brown Bear Hunts in Unit 8-Kodiak 10 Days Fall or 10 Days Spring – There is a $600 air charter fee $18,500
Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear Hunt 10 Days Fall or 10 Days Spring – There is an $1,000 air charter fee $18,500
Brown Bear Hunts in Unit 16 – 10 Days Fall or 10 Days Spring There is a $600 air charter fee $12,500
 Kenai Peninsula Brown Bear Hunt – 10 Days / Spring Only No air charter required. 15,000
Mountain Goat Hunts  7 Day Backpack hunts Goat/Black Bear High Alpine Combo 7 Days(There are typically goats within 1,000 yards of camp here so the climbing is cut down very dramatically and it is a much more luxurious camp) $7,000 + $600 Air Charter $7500 + $1500 Air Charter
Moose Hunts 10 Days $16,500 + a $1,000 Air Charter
Sheep Hunts 10 Days***Non Hunter 150. Day

*All hunts are 1 on 1 guided with the exception of Black bear which can be 2 hunters per guide depending on the hunt.

**There is a 3% or 6% Tax on all hunts. If the hunts take place in the Kenai Peninsula Borough the tax rate is 6%, all other hunts are 3%.

***The cost of a Non Hunter’s stay can vary greatly as the $150.00 – a day fee does not include any transport costs.  In many of our camps the only mode of transportation is Super Cub after a scheduled Charter Flight.  Please inquire about these costs as they vary from camp to camp.

License Prices:  For updated prices on licenses and tags please click on the ADF & G link