Hunter’s gear except hip boots, weapon & sleeping bag should easily fit into the recommended daypack and 2 small duffel bags (no large duffel bags, especially wheeled bags.  2 small bags are easier to get in the Supercub). Recommend waterproof or dry bag.


Sleeping Bag: All hunters should have a “mummy type” synthetic sleeping bag good to at least 0o F that is in a compression stuff sack (very important).

Camera & Binoculars: Recommend compact small Digital that is at least water-resistant and good binos.

Frame-less Day Pack: also water bottles and straps to carry layers of clothing and hip boots, camera, rain gear, lunch, etc.

Personal Items: (Toilet Kit, Small Towel, Medication, etc…) all spring brown bear hunters should bring sunglasses and sunscreen.

Ankle-Fit Hip Boots: We recommend LaCrosse, hunters will need these boots. Neos Over shoes are great

Rain gear: You will need both pants and coat. We recommend Kool Dri,  lightweight Helly Hanson or Kuiu, which is the best I have ever used and the lightest.  The Kuiu Yukon Raingear is the best I have ever seen/used.

Clothing:  For weather between 15 and 60 degrees F. No orange blaze patterns. The best thing to do is to dress in layers, so you can add or take off according to weather and how active we are. I personally wear an uninsulated pant and use good Polypropylene long underwear for bottoms and then a good wool blend or poly pro (Under Armour cold gear, Kuiu Wool, etc) base, a second shirt that is a little heavier and then a vest.  I always have a mid-weight jacket with me.


I started using Kuiu clothes & rain gear and find it better than Sitka Gear and cheaper, if you are going to buy rain gear, buy it.   Something that makes a huge difference, yet is overlooked by 90% of hunters, is neck/head type gator-fleece cover.  Keeping your head & neck warm while sitting for hours glassing makes a huge difference, find whatever you like best.  The one thing with brown bears, is we spot 90% of our bears from camp, as we can glass a lot of country and try not to spread scent all over the place, so a few good books are good to have, especially if we get bad weather.


Gloves 1-2 pair (1 light-1 heavy)

Head Sock or Neck Gator

Hunting boots (10” warm waterproof/recommend Kennetrek or Danner)

Stocking hat (polyester or pile) 1

Pants (polyester or fleece) 2 pairs-Kuiu, Sitka or Cabela’s

Shirts (polyester or fleece) 2

Undershirts (silk or polyester) 2-3

Socks (Poly & wool blend) 6-8 pairs

Long underwear bottoms (silk, polyester, wool or fleece) 2 pair

Camp slippers (1 pair)

Hunting Coat

Vest (down or fleece)

Small Pillow

Soft Gun Case   (If you don’t want to fly with one we have plenty, just let us know).  We will store your hard travel case at the house or air charter office while we are in the field.  Same goes for bows/bowcases.


If you have clothes that you feel work good for you, by all means use them.  It is important to dress in layers.  When we are glassing or sitting you need to layer up (We spend a lot of time glassing and sitting still).  Having a good pair of rain pants that you can put on without removing your boots is imperative!  Even when it’s not raining most of Alaska is wet.


IMPORTANT! We have a weight limit of 65 lbs. for one hunter’s gear, not including weapon. Anything extra will cause a significant increase in the cost of any charter flights you may have.  I have soft cases for you to use.   If you need more information on gear please feel free to call.