Frank Sanders, owner of Alaska Trophy Outfitters is a full service Taxidermist and does taxidermy in the winter months. Frank was taught by World Champion Scott Brewer of Spokane WA. He specializes in Big Game but also does birds and fish. One of the great things about being a hunting and fishing guide is that he is very familiar with what the animals in Alaska should look like, and he has most of the winter to do his taxidermy which makes his turnaround time at about 12 months or less. Please look at some of his work in the accompanying photos.

 We can also do your European Mounts and Skull Mounts. On bear skulls and deer size game we use beetles to clean them so you get a very clean and natural mount back without the cracking and tooth loss due to boiling. On the larger mounts we boil and clean them then bleach and neutralize them, taking care not to discolor horn bases.


One of the primary questions about having taxidermy done in Alaska is how can I get it home? There are different options depending on the animal varying from UPS to Freight Forwarders. Many people have their caribou and moose mounts done with detachable antlers. When on the wall you cannot tell any difference and costs much less to ship. We also can flesh and salt capes to ship them directly to your own taxidermist and we have an expediter we work with here on the Kenai Peninsula.